4 Reasons Why the Homeless Benefit from Pet Ownership

According to statistics, there are approximately 640,000 homeless people within the United States. Why someone may find www.mydogeatsfirst.comthemselves homeless can vary from health, job / financial situations and even by choice. Whatever the reason may be, there is one area within their lives that they do have control over. One thing that allows the homeless community to find a sense of normalcy when everything else may seem beyond their control is owning a pet. What does pet ownership bring to our homeless community you may ask? There are a variety of reasons why a pet in their lives makes so much sense and be a positive benefit.

  1. A pet does not judge. They see you as their friend, care taker and provider. They’re always happy to be with you. Hanging out, sleeping, as long as they are by your side they are happy. You don't need to be rich, beautiful or a rocket scientist. Just being you is good enough.
  2. When they have a pet, especially a dog, they have some type of protection. They can sleep soundly knowing their beloved dog will alert them should a stranger approach. And in many cases their dog will protect them from harm.
  3. Pets provide companionship. Having something living and breathing with you can be quite comforting. Having a pet when you are homeless means always having someone to hug, love and talk to. You are not alone.
  4. Someone to care for..and a sense of purpose. When a homeless person has a pet to take care of, it provides them with a sense of purpose. It can lift their spirits. Bring them some light to help get them through the day. You need to walk your dog, play with your dog and ensure they sleep and eat. Having that routine, that "someone" to care for and who cares for them can make you feel "normal".

My Dog Eats First is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that serves the homeless with pets in the greater Louisville area. We believe in the healing power of pets and in the love and companionship that these pets bring to the homeless. 

Our mission is to provide pet food, supplies, veterinary care and rescue services (if needed) for the pets of the indigent and homeless with respect and love.  If you would like to support our mission you may do so by donating pet food and supplies, donating to our veterinary fund at Blue Cross Animal Hospital on Broadway or making a monetary tax-deductible donation to our PayPal account at mydogeatsfirst@gmail.com.