Just Walk!


Did you know that you can help raise funds for My Dog Eats First, JUST by doing your normal daily/weekly/monthly walks? It doesn't cost you a dime!

resqResQwalk app for iPhone and Android an individual can use the app and select 'My Dog Eats First' when they go for a walk/run. Each week we have a donation pool. The total miles walked each week are tallied, and the donation pool is divided by the miles to get us the "per mile" donation amount. From there we send you a PayPal payment for the donation earned on the miles that were walked for your group on a weekly basis.

Essentially anyone in the United States or Canada can walk for My Dog Eats First, Inc. 

Another way donations are earned for My Dog Eats First, Inc. is through our ResQthreads.com website. When a person makes a purchase and chooses your group as the beneficiary a donation will be sent to you via PayPal (bi-weekly basis). These donations would be in larger sums, generally as the average donation amount from a purchase if between $5 - $10.So get to walkin'!