Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS)

Sometimes, keeping tabs on your pet dog when you are homeless can be tricky.  Most homeless prefer not to chain up their pets, but to take them everywhere they go. Unfortunately they aren't allowed to take them into places like day shelters, etc. Once in awhile, their beloved pet will get away from them.

Louisville Metro Animal ServicesOur pets of our homeless friends brought to Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) in Kentucky find their way back to their pet parents, thanks in part to the efforts of My Dog Eats First to work hand in paw with theirs. When lost pets get to LMAS, they are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and licensed before they are returned to their homeless owners.

The happy endings and reunions joy to pet parents, LMAS shelter staff and MDEF staff alike.

Additionally, in 2015 MDEF will be offering free pet licensing through LMAS on the Wednesday nights at our Waggle Wednesday program and when the volunteer vets do free rabies clinics.