The Research

"Joe"...the homeless man that was the inspiration behind the research.

"Joe"...the homeless man that was
the inspiration behind the research.

Many of us have seen homeless people accompanied by their "pets" ...especially dogs.  Statistics show that on any given day or night there are about 640,000 homeless people in the United States. It's also been estimated that 5-10% of homeless people have dogs or cats as their companions.

There is a large number of animals who live with homeless and in many cases these pets are the lifeline and reason for living for these people.

A book by University of Colorado sociology Professor Leslie Irvine is the first to explore what it takes to live on the streets with an animal. Using interviews with more than seventy homeless people in four cities, *My Dog Always Eats First reveals what animals mean for homeless people and how they care for their four-legged friends. Dr. Irvine's book gives us beautiful descriptions of how animals provide social and emotional support and protection from harm, and even helped turn around the lives of people who had few other reasons to live.

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*We didn't even know about Professor Irvine's book when we named our organization!