The Forgotten, Louisville

Christen "Tiny" Bradshaw, Founder

Christen "Tiny" Bradshaw, Founder

The Forgotten Louisville is made up of many volunteers from various backgrounds that have one thing in common, their love for people.....the hurting, the addicted, the lost, the lonely, and homeless. The Forgotten Louisville hits the streets every Wednesday night taking food and supplies to feed, clothe, warm up or cool down depending the season. 

They proudly say “we aren’t a church, we are group of people who love people and that church isn’t a building, being here with you, serving, loving, fellowship, this is what Jesus did” hanging with the needy, the homeless, the addict, the felon, the orphan, now that is church!

Contact Info:
Contact: Christen Bradshaw Herron
Phone: 502-345-9308

Drop Off Donations At: Victory Baptist Church 7808 Beulah Church Road, Louisville, KY 40291
*Through double doors… leave on the table in the foyer